Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The trip notables include an unusually warm weekend (75F), eating Persian food for the first time and visiting my favorite inexpensive curry restaurant in London, Chop Chop, which is located right outside the Kings Cross tube station.

The parties included A:M @ Fire, Shadow Lounge, DTPM @ Fabric with Orange @ Fire ending an extremely fun, crazy and exhausting weekend. DTPM was especially amazing as David Ghetta was the guest DJ. It was closest that I've come to a religious experience outside a church.

It was also my first time seeing the new LED dance room in Fire. 15,000 flashing LEDs create an incredible effect that leaves you speechless (and a bit disoriented).

Will London call for what would be the fourth time in 6 months? Perhaps in July. Next up: Marrakesh at the end of May.

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