Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sevillian Gastronomy

I was in Seville during the Festival De Las Naci Nes, an annual arts, cultural and gastronomical extravaganza held along the Guadalquivir river. Food, music and arts from Colombia, Cuba, Greece, Germany, Jamaica, Ecuador, India, Mexico, France, Peru, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, along with many other countries were represented. I had food typical of Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, France, Peru and Argentina. It would be fair to say that I ate enough food for a week in my 3 days in Seville. Check out the photos below. Yum!

Argentinian Steak. Need I say more?
Typical Spanish breakfast. Cafe con Leche (espresso w/ whole mike), pan (bread) w/ Jamon (ham).
Argentinian sausage - amazing
Cuban spiced chicken and beef with killer sauce.
Salmorejo, a very typical dish of Seville.
French crepe. "The Exotic": Chicken, nata, cheese and pineapple. Loved the mix of flavors.

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Anonymous said...

MMmmmmmlooks great..sounds like your really enjoying the last few weeks of the European cultures..enjoy..but come home..everyone misses you!! XO MamaR