Friday, September 07, 2007

Unwanted tranquillity

The past few weeks have been extremely tranquil. I've been stuck at home for most of the day, day after day, because I don't own a car and Milwaukee has poor public transportation. I've been using my bicycle, but that obviously limits the distance you can travel. I try and fill up my day by job hunting, but honestly, how much can one job search per day? My personal record has been about 6 hours.

Interestingly enough, some of my most exciting moments have occurred while grocery shopping. Sad as that sounds, it's true. For example, just yesterday I got into an altercation with an gentleman. I noticed that he was opening up many grape bags, feeling them, rubbing his hands all over them and then emptying the bags, essentially making them unsellable. The man was clearly not well. Everyone watched this (clearly shocked) but no one said anything. Mind blow, I approached the man asking him what he was doing, pointing out that people don't want his hands all over the grapes. He looked up at me, mumbled something about working in a supermarket and ran out the store.

It's simply amazing what you can get away with here in the U.S. People happily watch illegal/odd/wrong or otherwise strange things without saying or doing anything (side note: perhaps I need to exploit this).

Enough, I better get back to job hunting. I'm at hour 4 and I my goal is to break my 6 hour record. Wish me luck!


keyanpak said... a milwakee fashion blog..

Unknown said...

good luck puti!!!