Thursday, October 26, 2006

Random Observations

  1. The Dialing Game: Figuring out how to use my international phone card has become a fun and interesting adventure in each new city. Before each trip, I need to call customer service to get the local access code. When using the card, I need to make sure I use the proper country code, pin number, dialing number and some areas require the local area code. Of course, you never know if you need the local area code until you try and hear a error message that you can’t understand due to it being in a foreign language. Awe, what great fun!
  2. Similar to the U.S, most of the smaller convenience type stores are run by Arabs.
  3. Either I will adapt and my blood will change or locals will think I'm crazy once it starts to cool down. Today it was a bit cooler. It was 70 during the day and I'm writing this at 2:00 A.M and it's still 68 degrees. Anyway, people were walking around the street tonight in clothes that I might consider wearing on a mild Wisconsin winter day.
  4. Super skinny sideburns are very much ''in'' here.
  5. On every flight that I've been on, people have clapped when the plane laned safely. Is this a normal? I find it a bit odd.

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MYK'L said...

Thanks Ranko!
It was a pleasure to meet you and show you my Rome - the open-air asylum it is an has been for over 2000 years!