Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back from Lisbon

Lisbon is an absolutely stunning city. It's a city where color dominates. Where small is big. It has heart and soul that makes you feel very welcome. The multiple barrios (neighborhoods) are situated on 7 hills which test your legs as you walk the viciously steep hills. All of the barrios have their own feel and are worth walking, but I especially loved the quintessential cool district, Barrio Alto; the up and coming fashion district, Santos; and the very trendy Chiado.

The narrow streets of Barrio Alto have countless stores waiting to be discovered. It’s overflowing with artistic creativity and brimming with life, both at night and day.

Chiado is home to stores like Hermes, Diesel and many other local and international shops. It’s also lined with countless cafes and restaurants.

Right next to the waterfront, Santos is in the process of being redeveloped and my guess is that it will be the place to be in 5 years. Many of the old factories are in the process of being turned into art and furniture galleries. Very cool.

I wouldn’t hesitate in going back. Lisbon, I think I love you. Below are a few more photos. More on Flickr.



You enjoy Lisbon. I love my capital. It´s a big city composed by small village, bairros. You used the spanish name. Thank you for your visit.

Rytron said...

btw youre lookin good chris, but smile once in awhile!!!