Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rome, Madrid, Seville, Ibiza and more!

The countdown begins. I didn't think I'd have the money, but thanks to a Vueling airline sale, I will be traveling 17 of the 31 days in July. To view my July travel plans, see the list below or click on the calendar image below. Notice how I intentionally kept 3 of 4 weekends free. This will allow me to enjoy my remaining weekends in Barcelona, while traveling during the weekdays.

  • Madrid June 28th - July 4th
  • Seville July 8th - 10th
  • Ibiza July 11th - 12th
  • Malaga July 17th-18th
  • Granada July 19th - 20th
  • Rome July 22nd - 25th
  • United States July 31st


Anonymous said...

are you gay or bisexual? hehe you are so cool..

its nice you visit granada its my should to explore albayzin, sacromonte and realejo(old areas) its hard because the way is not easy but for that you will find many amazing views
i recommend you one flamenco night in gipsy caws in the rock

enjoy¡ GERARD

Chris Rako said...

thanks for the comment and the tips while in granda. will check them out.

gayly yours,