Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The beach

I went to the beach with Carlos, one of the Brazillan guys I met throuh Bruno.

The first thing I noticed about the beach was how unbelievably busy it was. Barcelona has over 5 huges beaches and they are all very busy. People are everywhere.

The second thing I noticed was how attractive....no, how unbelieveably crazy attractive the people are. Because it is turist season, you get the best of both worlds righ now. You have the sexy spanish locals and the crazy hot european tourists.

The third thing I noticed was the naked people - they were everywhere. Anything goes. I was laying down getting some sun and looked up..whoops, naked model guy was changing in front of everyone. I looked to the right and saw a naked woman getting a massage from the Chinese woman that walked around offering 20 massages for 5 euro. I looked to the right and saw two guys making out and rolling around in their speedos. Right in front of everyone. Peoples reaction? None. This was at the normal, non gay beach. It will be interesting to see other beaches.

One thing I found interesting was how most people come to the beach with longer shorts or capri pants on and then change in front of everyone right at the beach (into a speedo, no less).

It was a mind blowing experience.


Anonymous said...

Mom - I have been looking for an apartment first. This experience could be an update all by itself.

Uncle Bob - Yeah, I´m having a blast. Thanks for the comment. Let me know what your skype name is so we can talk. :)

Erik - For twenty euro she takes you to the private beach..hhaha. Many of the girls do no shave down there at all. However, this was a good thing as the one women I saw up close was 80 years old, spread eagle and had hair covering the nasties.

P.S. The Medit. sea is crazy warm. So nice. I´ll take photos next time.

Anonymous said...

Topher - Sounds like you're having great fun so far. I loved that beach also! Well, for the purpose of people-watching anyway. Otherwise, beaches on the Adriatic are WWWAAAAYYYY nicer. =) My parents and I had an apartment near the beach in Barceloneta. Try not to get robbed like we did. Somebody broke into our apartment and robbed us. I told you this story, right? Mr. & Mrs. Rakowski, please don't panic. =)

I'm so intrigued by your experience there, especially because I've been to Barcelona. Make sure to reference all landmarks in your blog. I'm picturing everything in my head. Ahh, such a beautiful city that Barcelona is!

Have a great time and be safe!

Anonymous said...

P.S. And what's up with the photos? Common, get it right!