Saturday, October 28, 2006

4 countries in 16 days

Just booked a longer multiple country adventure starting on November 28th going through December 14. I get back from London on the 22nd so I'll have a few days to rest up before this trip begins.

I'm flying into Belgium where Zach, a friend of mine lives (whom I met when I was in Amsterdam last May). We've stayed in contact and have mutual friends here in Barcelona & Amsterdam. He's a great guy and will great to travel with. We'll spend one or two days in Brussels and then head off to Cologne, Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, along with many other smaller cities along the way.

I'm very excited for this one.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
What a great blog! We had dinner with Bob and Jean Krecak last night and had asked them how you were doing in Barcelona, so Bob sent us the link to this blog. I have enjoyed exploring it. It is intersting, informative, and very well done.
I think you are right - you will always treasure your adventures - and now is the time. You see, I speak from experience, having backpacked Europe back in 197-ummm, well anyway, we are very happy for you.
I have the blog bookmarked and will check back periodically to keep abreast on your new experiences.
Take care, Chris.