Sunday, September 10, 2006

The cost of fun

I've mentioned before how inexpensive food and booze is if purchased in a grocery store. That is not true if you're at a restaurant, cafe or bar. The price can skyrocket very quickly. The price of a mixed drink at most discos is 8 Euro. It's difficult to buy a drink at a bar knowing the cost if purchased at the bar. Granted, drinks are always more expensive in bars, discos, restaurants, etc. The difference is the absurd disparity between the price at a grocery store vs. at bar, discto relative to the U.S.

Below illustrates my point pretty well.

Corona at grocery store - - .17 euro cents per bottle
Corona at the disco - - 5.00 euro per bottle

My rip on the Mastercard commercials.

1 bottle of amazing wine: 1.29 euro (cost in U.S 12.95)
6 pack of bottled Corona beer: 1.03 euro
The cost of getting drunk in Barcelona: essentially free*

*No, I'm not spending all of my time getting drunk.

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