Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tailoring Your Coffee Drink

I just read this very interesting article on coffee via NPR. It is defiantly worth a read if you're a coffee drinker. A lot of the things you may have thought/assumed about coffee may be incorrect....

For example:
"Caffeine content varies from brew to brew, so it's hard to know how much you're getting. It depends on everything from the roast and grind to your barista's technique

Roast: Darker roasts actually have less caffeine than light roasts, even though the flavor is stronger. Roasting burns off some of the caffeine, so opt for a dark French or Italian roast for a less jolting cup.

Espresso vs. Coffee: Despite its eye-opening reputation, espresso actually contains less caffeine than brewed coffee, due to its deep roast and quick brewing. You can actually drink three shots of Starbucks espresso and get about the same 195-milligram dose as a 12-ounce coffee."

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