Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bye Bye Beach - For Now

Jose & I got on our bicycles and headed towards the Mediterranean. The route was amazing. We started on Gran Via, a very popular street where there’s a lot of high-end shopping. Grand Via lead us through the breathtaking Passeig Lluis Companys. I remember looking up in awe while sailing under the Arc De Triomf as we flew past hundreds of people walking by. The sun was shining and the palm trees slightly swaying from the light costal breeze. The Passeig lead to the entrance of the giant Parc De Cascada . We explored the Parc for 20 minutes, enjoying the people, sights and warm sun. Initally, going to the beach in the middle of October felt so strange. Being at the beach felt so good.

The surfers were out in full force banging away at the huge waves. I gave in and decided to enjoy a massage from one of the many Thai women offering their services at a rate of 5 euros per 10 minutes. It was simply amazing.

Yesterday was probably the last beach day for the summer of 2006. Damn, I’ll miss it. Still, I’m very happy that I got a taste of the summer life here in BCN…I’m hungry for more.

It will be very interesting to see what I’m doing six months from now.


Anonymous said...

Beaching it in October..consider yourself lucky..we have fires going in the fire place and the heat up to 70..so take a deep breath and enjoy :)!!! XO Mom

Chris Rako said...

You're right, Mom. Today it was 72°.