Friday, February 23, 2007

Carnival in Sitges

Sitges is infamous for it's Carnival party. The streets are extremely full of people of all ages. Floats navigate through the narrow streets throughout the city. It's hard to capture the energy and craziness with a camera. You really have to be there to feel it.

I was told that I "had" to go in costume so I decided on Rambo, while Jose was an Indian and Keyan was a Sailor (right, not typical at all..jajaja). People seemed to like my costume, which was nice considering it was completely last minute and the only thing I bought was some black paint and the toy gun. The rest were clothes that I already had.

The parade ended around 3:00A.M. at which point people fill the bars and discos to capacity. We went to a bar first and then went to a disco until 8:00 A.M. Crazy fun.

I couldn't help but notice how it looked like a bomb went off in the streets of Sitges. The lines for the train back to Barcelona were too long so we decided to wait and hour and watch the sun rise while relaxing on the beach.

Below are a few of the photos. A+, highly recommended!


NeiLDC said...

WOW that was a nice carnaval party. i wne tlast saturday as well i was a schoolboy so the rest was persian and a genie.. I went o larios cafe here in madrid and apart from that, chinese new year!!
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

You made a pretty nice Rambo my son..Poahantas is coming soon..see you in a few months!! XO Mom

Anonymous said...

xx from lejanvier !