Friday, February 23, 2007

Marrakesh, No > London, Yes

I've been extremely busy the past few days. I went to the small beach town of Sitges with a lot of friends for the huge Carnival closing party. The closing party is infamous and it did not disappoint. I'll get into the details later so for now I'll just say that it was complete craziness.

In other news, the
Marrakesh trip is canceled, er, delayed. I received an email from Ryanair (which has awful service, btw) saying that all flights from Spain to Marrakesh were canceled due to Spain's slow implementation of he new EU Openair Act. I am very disappointed and Jose and I are looking for other tickets that are not outrageously priced.

The good news is that I'm once again going to London from April 12th-16th. This will be my third trip to London since arriving in Europe. Even better, I"m going with 3 friends from Barcelona. London is calling...

Finally, I got word today that my Mother may be visiting in April. Very, very exciting news.

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