Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Much Needed Update

A combination of things has caused me to not update with any meaningful content recently. First, I'm a bit bored of sharing my daily happenings and assume that many of you are tired of hearing of them as well. Going forward, I think that I'll post more random thoughts or otherwise interesting activities and events. Second, I've been busy having way too much fun. What has kept me busy?

  • Mom, cousin and family friend (Debbie) visit
  • Spanish studying (sloooowly)
  • Beach and other summer craziness. Summer is here and in full force.
  • Parties. There is no lack of them and often too many to choose from. This past week I was at two particularly crazy parties on the rooftop of Hotel Axel in the center of Barcelona.
  • I currently have friends in from Rome and NYC and have been extremely busy playing host all night and day.
Later this month I'll be heading to Marrakech Morocco with a big group of friends. I'm also planning a visit to NYC the 14th-20th of August. Feel free to email me if you have any tips or suggestions for either cities.

That's about it for now, although more to come soon...

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