Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sea Side Running

Just got back from my daily mediterranean sea side run. I start at Marbella beach and run until the end of Barceloneta. Along the way, I stop at the beach side gym area and get some pushups, pullups and other resistance stuff in.

What an amazing way to start off the day.


Anonymous said...

I love it!!!! I cant wait til youre here and we party it up like it's 1999!!!! Going to New York this week, Volunteering at Pride with Janel at the Beer tent, plans to head to chi-town to see Josh soon! Hope all is well! Miss you tons!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher-
Now that I have been to visit you I certainly can visulaize the stretch of beach you speak of..& it was totally awesome & worthy of a run. We have fond memories of he lunch we enjoyed on that beach..a juicy delicious American tasting burger with a succelent fried egg tomatoe mayo & lettuce. Washed down with beer (you) & Sangria (the rest of us) it was indeed perfecto....ahhhhhthe memories..they will last a lifetime..NOW COME HOME OK?!?! XO Mamacita

Chris Rako said...

Miss ya too, Ryan. Yes Mother, I'll be home soon enough... :)