Thursday, August 02, 2007


Please help me understand why...

  • the quality of music always increases as it approaches closing time while the quality of people in the club dramatically declines.
  • people want all the comfort of home in a hotel. You're not home. Get out of your hotel.
  • many tourists dress as if they are on an African safari when you're walking in the center of a cosmopolitan city like Barcelona.
  • most Asian tourists have telescopic camera lens that are at least twice as long as my, well, let's just say they are huge.
  • so many British, Irish and Americans waste their vacation by getting drunk in an Irish pub. You ought to just stay home if you don't want to experience the learn something new.
  • people buy and wear a t-shirt printed with the name of the city that you’re visiting before you return home. I can guarantee that the locals think you're a loser.
  • the Spanish feel that it is socially acceptable to stop and talk with people right in the middle of a busy sidewalk.
Why??? Please help me understand!

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keyanpak said...

to your first point...the reason why they play la musicong!!! is so putis like you can stay enjoy, while putis like me have to go home cause we work...