Monday, July 30, 2007

The world is my playground

The world is my playground is more than a's a mindset. This past year has taught me that the world can be anyone's playground - if you want it to be.

Jose made this one of a kind poster for me and gave it to me yesterday. It incorporates the phrase, along with many of the predominant landmarks from my personal travels this past year. Thanks again,'s amazing.


Anonymous said...

Awesome poster. How did he make it? Hope you have a safe travel back home. I know everyone is very excited for your return. Give me a ring when you return to mom and dads. I leave for Hawaii on Wednesday. Talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

Yes Chris the world has been your playground & the good friends you have made will be within your world for a lifetime...the poster is an awesome example...I can attest to the great friends I had the great pleasure to meet & enjoy time with.. Jose, Keyan & Micheal to name a few. We only hope you will consider coming to visit us in the will be then we will again let the good times roll..until then..thanks for making Chris' European experience a great one!! XO Mom R

keyanpak said...

Mama Rako, it was a pleasure meeting your son, he is an outstanding individual with a lot of potential, and to be honest, he is going to be really missed, i´m sure you´ll take good care of him upon his return....feed the boy some of your famous meatloaf!!!

BIG BESOS, and hope to see you soon


Unknown said...

We had a great time together and we made a very special friendship. And i hope the putis are going to be together soon. i know that.
I will miss u a lot Rako!
Send a big kiss to mama Rako, U are very lucky to have a family like that and they to have u!
Keep in touch!


Anonymous said...

Topher, welcome home!
Thanks for sharing your life with all of us through this blog for the entire year. Obviously, so much more has happened behind the scenes that yet needs to be disclosed so looking forward to that. And some more pix. :)
When are you in NYC? I'm going to be there this coming weekend. Juan just returned from Spain yesterday too so I'm going to spend the weekend with him.
Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

thanks for all of the really nice comments. i'm going to miss everyone. we'll see eachother soon enough..i'll make it happen.