Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Go ahead, analyze me

I was sweating profusely when I awoke around 04:30. I instantly recalled the bazaar dream that I just had. I was back in Milwaukee in my parent’s house. My mother and father were speaking perfect Spanish to each other. They bragged that it only took them 1 week to learn when told them I was trying to learn. I was insanely jealous, then I woke up. Oddly enough, they were also talking with their neighbors, the Martinez’s, in Spanish. Spanish must be on my mind.

I think a conversation with a friend over dinner last night may have trigger the dream. We discussed how my Spanish was progressing and agreed to start speak Spanish whenever possible. I’ve also been listening to my Spanish MP3s a lot more often.

Very strange stuff. What do you think it means?


Anonymous said...

Papa & hablo espanol diariamente desde que ustd dejado. lo ha llegado a ser nuestro idioma primario & seremos puestos cuando nosotros le vivtamos en Espana (ah hicimos nosotros visitamos?) But esto es el nada de perder el sueno sobre. hijo de procupacion...don't sueno sobre.hijo de preocupacion..don't vendra a usted. las marcas de la practica perfeccionan!!! Adorele mucho!!Mama R

Anonymous said...

Bazaar it is! =)