Sunday, January 21, 2007

Zurich Initial Thoughts

I arrived in Züri after what was the worst landing that I've ever experienced. Europe had record winds that wreaked havoc throughout central and eastern europe.

Initial Thoughts

  • The wealth is totally obscene. I started to count the number of Porches and stopped at 10 in less than 1 hour. Shortly after that I saw a brand new shinny Rolls Royce, followed by a Bentley just a few minutes later.
  • The city is very clean, almost to the point where it makes the city feel sterile.
  • The tap water is very good. Over 1,200 fountains are scattered all over the city. It seems like they are everywhere.
  • I've been lucky because the weather has been mild with no snow.
  • The breads, jams and deserts are extremely good.
  • As expected, things are very expensive.
  • I've just been taking it easy and enjoying the tranquil feel of the city.

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alexsander said...

hey sexy, cant wait to see your new pics! Have fun and enjoy the city .