Friday, May 11, 2007

Motos and Music in Barcelona

Two interesting facts that I recently read in the BCNinside magazine.

First, all street musicians are required to have a license to play. In order to obtain a license, the musician must perform in front of city hall to prove their "musical merit"! Musicians caught performing without a license face fines and instrument confiscation. Ouch!

Second, 410,000 journeys a day are completed via moto in Barcelona. According to the magazine, this equates to roughly 67% of all city transport! This seems a bit high and I'm skeptical, so I would be interested to see the data behind those statistics. My guess is they really mean 67% of all street transportation, not including transportation via the metro. Either way, it's a huge number that is clearly evident by walking the streets of Barcelona.

What's another sunny day here in BCN meaning another day at the beach. DJ Sammy Jo and Ladytron from NYC are at Razz tonight. I'll be there with a large group of friends. Shoot me an email if you'll be there too...perhaps we can meet up.

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