Friday, February 16, 2007

Spanish Fashion Tribes

Lets talk fashion. More specifically, lets talk about recent trends in popular Spanish fashion. Recently, I've been feeling as though I’m on an Austin Power movie set as I walk the streets of Barcelona. Like every country, Spain has multiple fashion tribes. The Spanish tribes include the heavies (goths), muscu-lucos (muscle marries), pijos (preps / yuppies) and fiesteros (fashionistas), among with many others that I’m probably unaware of.

The one that intrigues me the most deals with Spanish women and does not fit very well into any of the tribes described above. Perhaps a new tribe called “Chica Americano de 19060s” is necessary.

Members of this tribe would be required to have long hair with huge bangs that are cut straight across the forehead. Their clothes should be very bold with lots of stripes, polka dots and flowery
patterns. The required accessories include hair bands, big boots, massive earrings, colorful belts of all shapes and sizes and finally, what I call "slipper shoes" due to there similarity to everyday slippers. Basically, they would need to look like an American female from the 1960s. See the photos below (click to see large) and more on my flickr page.

Then you have a certain subset of Spanish men (more Catalan) that feel it's not only ok, but cool to do the unthinkable and combine the mullet with dreads. The horrific end result is shown below.
I’ve been thinking of a name and came up with two: Drellet or Mullad.


Anonymous said...

a lil bit of randomness.... apparently April just found out that a friend of hers that lives in her building is your cousin. Small world, or small Milwaukee either way thought it was an interesting coincidence

Anonymous said...

So Dustin..Mom Rakowski is curious (& a bit nosey I guess :)..who is the friend of April that is related to Christopher? Hope all is well w/ you! Can't wait to see everyone at a Welcome Home party I will have for Chris (HINT HINT!!!!) Hope to see you all soon!!
Mrs. R

Chris Rako said...

Mother - He said that a friend of his friend also lives in Robs apartment building. No one is related to us. You're thinking of a welcome home party already? Hm, seems like you're allowing plenty of time for planning, no? ;)