Saturday, July 21, 2007

New RSS Feed

If you use a feed aggregator to read my site, please update your address:

Do you have no idea what I'm talking about? You should. Please read below. Feeds are cool. Think email in 1997.

Most of you probably check this site (along with a lot of others) with a set frequency of whatever (X). The problem doing it that way is you never know if you're wasting time due to no new content. Likewise, you may visit my site only to see 5 (or more) new posts causing information overload. Constantly checking multiple sites is difficult, time consuming and easily forgettable.

There is a better way. You can "subscribe" to my site and any other site with a feed. It's simple. "Aggregators reduce the time and effort needed to regularly check websites for updates, creating a unique information space or "personal newspaper." Once subscribed to a feed, an aggregator is able to check for new content at user-determined intervals and retrieve the update. The aggregator provides a consolidated view of the content in a single browser display or desktop application. Such applications are also referred to as RSS readers, feed readers, feed aggregators, news readers." - Wikipedia

Want to get started or get more info? Go here. Then subscribe to my feed. :)

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