Friday, July 27, 2007

Poble Nou Street Art & Vagabonds

A few hours before I left for Rome, I noticed some fun new street art very close to my house in Poble Nou. I made a mental note to take some photos when I returned from Rome. Yesterday I went back when it was starting to get a bit dark. The lighting made for good photos, which you'll see below. Even better, a group of vagabonds were chatting in front of some older graffiti. I immediately saw an opportunity for a good photo. I didn't want to disturb them and wanted something more candid, so I took the third photo below while I was on a bicycle riding past them. For some odd reason, one of the guys shouted, "que tal, guapo" (how are you, sexy) as I rode past the group. The framing turned out very well considering that I captured it while moving on a bike.

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keyanpak said...

its actually ¨how are you, handsome.¨