Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Zach & I arrived in Amsterdam around 8PM last night. The city is beautiful right now. Christmas lights illuminate the entire city giving it an amazing feel & glow at night. It's also created a great opportunity for photos. I'm very pleased with how the photos have turned out so far and I'm excited to post them once I'm back in BCN.

Walking around the streets instantly brought back a lot of great memories from my first trip to Amsterdam back in May with my good friends Lee & Peter. Because it was a Tuesday night there was not much to do. We decided to see the new Bond movie. We went to a theatre that was very similar to the Oriental in Milwaukee, WI. It has a similar look and feel, but an updated screen and sound system. The movie was great and I would highly recommend it.

Today I had cake and coffee for breakfast. It was very enjoyable. I'm really happy that I successfully exchanged a 6 month old pair of jeans from H&M. I was almost happy when one of the buttons fell off because they were too loose on me now. I thought it couldn't hurt to at least ask if I could exchange them. The didn't hesitate for a second. The new pair not only fit much better, but they're the new style. It worked out well. Perhaps you have some old jeans that you could exchange. You would be amazing at how liberal many exchange policies are. The worst scenario is they say no. The best scenario is thye give you a brand new item.

We'll be here in Amsterdam until Saturday morning when we'll leave for Paris. The adventure continues...

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