Friday, December 22, 2006

More Travel - Zurich & Berlin Confirmed

It's official - I'm going to Zürich and Berlin. I've heard that both cities are amazing so I'm very excited. Feel free to email me if you need a swiss bank account...I'll see what I can do while in Switzerland.

Below are my travel plans over the next three months:

Lisbon (Dec/Jan)
Madrid (Jan)
Zürich (Jan)
Berlin (Feb)
Prague (Feb/March, to be confirmed)
Brussels & Paris (2nd time, March to be confirmed)
Marrakesh (TBD)

These additional cities add to the following cities that I've already been to.

Visited: Barcelona (duh), Rome, Milan, Brussels, Antwerp, Paris, Cologne, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London

Planned: Zürich, Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid, Prague

Happy Friday!

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alexsander said...

lucky man!!! have fun!