Saturday, December 02, 2006

Thoughts on Brussels

Brussels is an interesting city. The city is charming (read: boring) and beautiful. I took some really great photos. I will post all the photos when I get back to Barcelona.

Language & People
I found the locals to be very friendly (and old). Everyone speaks Dutch and French as they're the official languages of Belgium. French is more widely spoke in Brussels.

All signs are written in both languages. This, along with the fact that the streets are small, angled and interwoven make getting around extremely difficult. The Brussels city map is a useless joke because all the street names are on top of each other making it nearly impossible to read.

Food (best part of Belgium)
Beer: Brussels is to beer what France is to wine. The number and quality of beers in Belgium is crazy. My friend and I went into one bar that had over 100 regional beers on tap.

Waffles: Orgasmic. The smell of Brussels is an intoxicating vanilla smell from the countless stands all over the city. The waffles have a crunchy outside with a warm and soft inside. Never again will I call a normal waffle a Belgium waffle.

Fries & Durum Kebabs/Wraps: I normally do not like fries, but the fries here taste so good that, like the waffles, I've been buying some every day. What really makes them special are the numerous sauce options. Most places have at least 20 different flavors to choose from and one tastes better than the other.

Chocolate: The best in the world. They're works of art. You could easily eat kilogram of free choclate every day from the samples they offer when you walk into the stores.

Brussels is great for drinking in a pub and drinking the world famous beers. They're all over the city and fun to relax and chat at with friends.

Feel like dancing? La Demence is a very famous disco party that occurs once a month. Great if you are lucky enough to be there the one night a month it occurs. Sadly I was not.

The most popular reoccurring weekly disco in Brussels was playing polka music on a Friday night....and the YMCA. If anything, Brussels was a nice reminder how great I have it in Barcelona.

Being "the capital of Europe" I expected more from Brussels. Enjoy Brussels for one or two days to eat, relax and see the beautiful architecture, but do not expect a crazy night.

I won't be in any rush to visit again and I'm looking forward towards Cologne tonight and Sunday and Amsterdam and Rotterdam next week.


Anonymous said...

And what's wrong with polkas on a Friday nite..anay hay any Fish Frys"? Hope your future experiences are fun :) Miss Ya!! XOXO Mom & Pops sitting in 12 inches of snow!!!

Anonymous said... some dark choc to bring home...yum!!! XOXO mama R