Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Top 4 Barcelona Trends

I’m constantly scanning my surroundings as I walk. I’ve noticed a lot of interesting trends while doing so in Barcelona. Below are 4 of the trends that I find most bizarre.

Hold me Tightly
Women of all ages grasping the arm of their female friends while walking in the street. I’m pretty sure that doing so in the U.S. would mark you as a lesbian. This is especially funny when you have one 85 year old woman trying to help her 80 year old friend when in reality both of them need help. Sadly, you see this too often as a lot of the men from older generations were killed during the Franco years & civil war.

Just shave it all off
Crazy super skinny and pointed sideburns on younger men.

Wisconsin Waterfall
The already well documented mullet on both men and women of all ages.

Fun with Color
But perhaps the most interesting and shocking trend that I’ve noticed involves a large and growing number of women (most are 60+). So what is this trend that has caused grannies to go wild all over Spain? Well, many women are choosing to dye their hair deep red and light purple. Check below to see a few photos I was able to capture.


Anonymous said...

I love it/find it really interesting how everyone there is really trendy whether they are 8 or 80! :)

Chris Rako said...

Yes, so true....

Unknown said...

Older women are more numerous than men because of life expectancy and impact of lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases among males. Franco and the Civil War have nothing to do with that!

Don't let catalonians tell you their version of History!

(A serbian's good friend)