Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Feeling a bit sick

First Outrage

Are you aware of the very high profile scandal involving the nation's top Evangelical leader? The President of the 30 million memeber National Association of Evangelicals has been exposed as a man who cheats on his wife and family, employs a male prostitute, uses illegal drugs and generally lives a life of complete hypocrisy.

"The fact is I am guilty of sexual immorality. And I take responsibility for the entire problem. I am a deceiver and a liar. There's a part of my life that is so repulsive and dark that I have been warring against it for all of my adult life."

Haggard is a tragic, yet typical victim of the closet. How will the 30 million Evangelicals process the fact that they’ve been led and misguided for these many years by an extremely dysfunctional gay man? I suppose most of them will go into some state of pathological denial, but maybe a few will begin to reassess just how far they've been led astray from the true teachings of Christ. And maybe a few will consider that Evangelical homophobia is driven by self-hatred, fear and internal rage and not by anything good, noble or Christian.

This all sounds way too familiar to the Catholic priest scandal.

Second Outrage

Put simply, the citizens of Wisconsin voted to legalize discrimination. I really hope that you chose equality over discrimination.

I agree with the Mike Tate, the president of FairWisconin when he said, "We did not lose because the people of Wisconsin don't like gay people," he said. "We lost because the people of Wisconsin don't know gay people.” Thankfully, there are signs that the future will be better. Of people under 30, nearly 70% voted NO. Of those over 65, nearly 70% voted yes. Unlike older generations; younger generations have grown up with openly gay friends & family members all around them. There is a sense of understanding, not fear.

Doesn’t society benefit when more people sign on for the commitment, stability, and responsibility that civil union’s entail?

Frankly, all this makes me just a bit sick.


Anonymous said...

Is there any reaction to things like the amendment in Spain? I understand they have legal same-sex marriage there.


Anonymous said...

Christopher...your father & I voted for equality..unfortunately our voice wasn't heard..but you are right I believe Equality lies ahead and we will support You no matter what!!! XO M & D

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris! It was disappointing to see the amendment pass. We've talked a lot about it in my classes (this is Madison after all ;) and some people commented that there was a lot of confusion as to which way to vote because of the awkard wording. Unfortunatley I agree with the stats that you posted, it wasn't the younger generation that we had to worry about, it was the older one that grew up with different values... Hope all is well there, have some little pastries for me! Talk to you soon!


Anonymous said...

And to add to the tragedy, WI also voted to consider bringing back the death penalty! Are we going back to 1853?! Reverting to barbaric methods of dealing with social issues?

It's sad what this country prides itself on, while in reality it lacks any sort of progressiveness (with a few regions being an exception).

Chris Rako said...

BJ - Not much. The rummy new was HUGE though. I've been sleeping better knowing that fool is finished.

M&D - You two are amazing. Nuff said.

Carrie & Ivan - Thanks for the comments. Perhaps I'll have to find and marry a Spanish lover here. ;) That would also solve my work visa issues...jejeje

Rytron said...

you know, in a number of years them old fogies will die off and there will be something like the "marriage equality act" nationalizing gay marriage. it'll happen, just wait.