Thursday, November 16, 2006

Here we go...

I'm heading to London in a few hours. I'll return to Barcelona on the 24th for a nice 4 day weekend (party!). On November 28th I'm going to Brussels where my friend Zach lives. We're taking a 15 day road trip stopping in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Cologne, Paris and some other smaller cities along the way. I'll be back in Barcelona on the 14th of December. That will leave me with two weeks to relax here in BCN before leaving for Lisbon with a huge group of friends to celebrate the new year. Wish me luck. Ciao!

p.s below are links to new photos

interesting buildings in BCN

statues & other art

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Anonymous said...

Look for Ryan Lowerre hobbling around on crutches. Ryan and Andrea are in London as we speak, and will be there for another week. That would be crazy if you saw him there. Have a great time!