Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A typical first conversation

Where are you from?

Near Chicago (I’ve resorted to stating the closest city that everyone knows...it saves a lot of confusion and explanation)

Oh, an American. So how long have you been here?

About three months now.

You’re here for school, right?

No, I’m just traveling Europe for now. I'm looking to get a job soon, starting in February.

Whaaat? You mean that you’ve been doing absolutely nothing for 3 months and that's your plans for the next 3 months.

No, I’ve been traveling and I’ve seen pretty much everything in Barcelona.

But you don’t have a job or go to university?

Correct. I'm traveling too much now.

Hhhmmmm….I see. Lucky you.

Yeah, it’s fun.

What did you do back in the U.S.

I had a nice job, but was a bit bored and wanted to do something interesting. I quit my job and was in Barcelona two weeks later.

Wow, seems crazy.

Exactly. I'm not bored anymore.

Why did you choose Barcelona?

I heard that it’s an amazing city with a great night life. I wanted to be in a fun city when I was not traveling. The weather does not hurt either. Oh, and I wanted to learn Spanish.

Good choice. How is your Spanish coming along?

Slowly. (it’s at this point they always test my Spanish…most of the time I fail.)

Spanish Spanish
Spanish Spanish Spanish...si?!

Blank stare

Yeah, you need more practice.

A lot more.

So, um, like how do you afford all this without working?

I'm an escort. It pays really well.

No...really!? I thought you didn't work!

It's easy, I don't consider it work, per se.

Yeah, I guess... Are you really an escort?!

No, I'm just really thrifty and live off savings. I made a lot more than I spent for almost 2 years while working full-time. Friends and family helped with starter money. Still, I would be happy to take anything towards the cause...you know, not having a job and all... ;)

That's good you're not an escort. How about a drink towards the cause?

Sure, that works.

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