Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Life as a vagabond

Wacko Jacko
As some of you already know, I have not been getting along with one of my roommates. I noticed a few odd things within first month, but shrugged them off as small eccentricities. Well, those small eccentricities grew and the tension calumniated during a fight two weeks ago. I won't get into the details, but it was at that point that I decided that I no longer wanted to live with this wack job. My two other roommates are in the process of looking for a new apartment for the very same reason.

My initial thought was to move into a new apartment starting November 1st. However, I looked at my calendar and noticed that in November and December I’m going to be in Barcelona a total of two, maybe three weeks. I immediately saw a great opportunity to save 800 euro in rent. Jose, a good friend of mine here in Barcelona offered to let me crash at his house until I figure out what I’m doing long term. Not only will this save me 800 euro, but it freed up my security deposit at the last apartment to the tune of 600 euro.

Looking Forward
Yesterday I packed up my things and moved my suitcases into Jose's apartment.
The next step is creating a long term strategy and figuring out if it involves the U.S or Europe. I'm open to suggestions, so comment way. ;)

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Anonymous said...


Sounds like you need to stay for a while longer and get to travel and see more then come back and settle down. We miss you a BUNCH!!! but Milwaukee, Chicago, Boston, et al will be here when you get back. ;-)

Lee & Peter