Monday, November 27, 2006

Needing more time

The London adventure left me without any clean clothes, with a lot less money, but it also gave me lot of amazing memories. I had several experiences that I know I'll look back on and just smile as I relive the moment in my mind.

After what seemed like a long time away, I arrived back in Barcelona late last night.
In my rush to make my flight, I forgot a lot of items in London. This includes my camera, a ring and too many clothes.

Leaving very little time to relax, tomorrow afternoon I'm heading to Brussels where the 15 day eurotrip begins. The the tentative travel plan looks like this...

Barcelona > Brussels
> Cologne > Paris > Rotterdam > Amsterdam > Brussels > Barcelona

With only 24 hours until I leave, I don't have time to let my wet clothes hang dry like I normally do. Lucky, a dry cleaner agreed to dry my clothes (for only 5 euro!).

I have a lot of other things I need to do before I head out.
I'll try and update as the trip progresses. However, I have no idea if I'll have access to internet or the time.

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