Monday, November 20, 2006

London Thoughts & Observations

I am shocked at the number of obese people in London. I recently read in one of the news papers that 20% of children in London are considered obese.

In contrast to the general population, I am shocked at the number of crazy sexy people in London clubs.

The number of completly drunk people walking around the city in the early afternoon is astonishing. I saw a woman fall flat on her face and fall asleep in the Kings Cross stop.

Speaking of the tubes, one woman sitting next to me grabbed my crotch and then licked her lips. Another one decided to expose herself to me right before taking another swig of wine directly out of the bottle. She was drugged and drunk. Nice. An insance guy decided that he wanted to feel my friends bicep. Oh, and why must people stuff themselves into the train when there already over packed? This especially makes me upset considering the trains run almost every minute. I don’t enjoy being so close to people that I can count the number of hairs in their nose.

London is the party city of the world – without question. If one was so inclined, you could easily party from Thursday night until Monday morning without a break. Clubs are open at all times of the night and day – and they’re BUSY. I went to Juice at Fire on Saturday night going into Sunday moring. A local magazine has club updates. This is what they have to say about Fire.

"Juicy is back this Saturday at Fire with its megamix blend of disco debauchery,tits and torsos right through from 11pm Saturday through to 10am Sunday with the extra bonanza allowing the hardcore to stay on into Later (10am-8pm).How much can you take? This week the Main room is kept rump-a-pumpingby special guest Steve Pitron and residents rob Sykes, D’Johnny and The Oli.Filthy beats and treats can be found in the Mirror Arch from Dave Cross,David Jimenez and Per QX. Juicy draws some of the sexiest gym-bunnies theworld has ever seen. Fusing together mind-blowing production, pyrotechnicsand extra sexy go-gos, Juicy is an event not to be missed."

The weather has been cold and rainy. I think I’m getting used to the Mediterranean climate.

I love the unspoken rule of people standing on escalators stay on the right while walkers stay on the left.

British people are a bit crazy and I think they would openly admit it.

I'm taking advantage of all the freebees that stores are giving out for Chrismas. I have enough face and eye cream to party for 15 hours get no sleep and still have a fresh, glowing face. ;)

Unlike Barcelona, the city is actually decorated for Christmas.

The Tate modern museum is amazing.

Tonight is Popcorn at Heaven.

Tomorrow i'm going to the V&A during the day and going the musical Avenue Q at night.

More on London when I get back to BCN.


NeiLDC said...

Hey nice that your been there in London... Ive been to Fire last Summer and its totally great... hmm was that in Vauxhall right . and the entrance is at the back of that dimmy place. jejej
anyway enhjoy!!

Anonymous said...

I did get a chuckle from this entry..Specifically from your ride on the tubes..& the fact that the English are "should we say..a bit STOUT"!!! Well it takes all kinds of people to keep life interesting wouldn't you say?? Good to hear your alive & well..KIT XO Mom