Saturday, November 04, 2006

Modes of Transportation

Transportation in Barcelona is extremely efficient. I find it very simple to navigate around the city due to its size and multiple transportation options available. These options include: underground metro, taxi, bus and light rail (not as common).

My primary mode of transportation is two muscular legs (sexy) supported by a very tiny ass
(not so sexy). This is because 1) I'm never in a rush 2) I would rather spend my limited resources on things other than taxis and metro tickets 3) it's a great way to see the city and 4 ) it's excellent exercise. When I'm in a rush or going across the city I'll take the metro. It's clean, easy, fast and often includes free entertainment in the form of eccentric bag ladies, bums, drunks and aspiring "musicians". Just yesterday I watched an elderly women with no teeth (unsuccessfully) attempting to eat an extremely ripe peach. I was in such awe that I must have watched her for 10 minutes. In that time she finished chewing maybe one bite. The old men that link to sign only songs they understand is also very entertaining.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit bitch on a friends moped (which are EVERYWHERE, btw). There is nothing to keep you from falling off and I nearly pissed my pants as he was weaving in and out of lanes.
The people that drive the mopeds are absolutely crazy. You must stay out of there way or risk being run over.

Anyway, I've been taking photos of the cool cars here in Europe. My three favorite photos are posted below.
All of the transportation photos can be viewed here.


Anonymous said...

I know two of these! No1 Peugot, No3 Fiat. Am I right?

You can still find these in Serbia. My mom used to drive the little Fiat. We call it "Fica" (pr. fee-cha).

Chris Rako said...

Sorry Ivan, but I have no idea. Lets just assume you're right - you always are.... ;)