Friday, November 24, 2006

Quote # 4

"Although the young person has never been old, the old person once was young. When you look up the age ladder, you look at strangers; when you look down the age ladder, you are always looking at versions of yourself. As an adult, those fantastic younger incarnations can seem either long left behind or all too continuous with who you are now." - Mark Grief, "Children of the Revolution" November 2006 Harpers

I find this quote very interesting. It's difficult for me to think of an older person any differently than how I've always known them. I don't see the 25 year old that smoked, drank and partied too much in the successful 50 year old business person. Likewise, it's interesting to look at the 50 year old loser and wonder what they did (or didn't do) earlier in their life.

This quote reminded me how my experiences right now will affect me for years to come

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