Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm going to London

London is on my list of places to visit and I want to go before it gets too cold.

I've met three very cool people (all through Carlos) since I've been in Barcelona that were here on holiday and live in London. All three offered to let met stay at their apartment. Given this, there may be no better time to travel London. London is extremely expensive, so any way that I can save money will be a great help. Consider this: it takes nearly 2 American Dollars to get one British Pound. The average dinner in London will cost at least 10 pounds, and that is for "cheap" food.

As you can see below, I'm leaving the 20th of this month (yes, this month) and I'll arrive back in Barcelona on the 27th. I think one week will suffice.

Notice how the tickets were only 35 Euro. However, taxes and other "fees" added an additional 45 Euro. What bullshit. Still, it's difficult to complain when the total was ~80 Euro.

You can expect lots of photos! :)

From Girona(GRO) to London Stansted(STN)
Wed, 20Sep06 Flight FR9805


From London Stansted(STN) to Girona(GRO)
Wed, 27Sep06 Flight FR9808


********35.00 EUR Adult
********33.46 EUR Taxes,Fees & Charges
********11.08 EUR Aviation / WCHR Levy
*********0.00 EUR Car Rental
*********0.00 EUR Insurance
********79.54 EUR Total Paid

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Anonymous said...

Darn are you lucky!!! Now you get to see "london bridges falling down" in person :)!!! Funny how you wanted me to sing to to you constantly when you were a this mere coicidence that you are traveling there?? XO Mom