Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Outrageous Bus

I was staying with a friend when I first got to Barcelona. One night, he was visiting a friend in a nearby city, which meant that I needed to find a place to sleep for just one night until he got back. I settled on the Sun & Moon hostel. The location could not have been better. It was right next to "Las Ramblas", one of the craziest and most popular streets in all of Europe. It was also pretty cheap, which meant that I had to sleep with 7 other people in a tiny room. The hostel experience was interesting and I met a lot of cool people, but I brought it up because of "The Outrageous Bus". Below is how it is described on their website.

"Imagine going to sleep in your hostel bed in Prague and waking up the next day in Rome. That's of course if you decide to sleep at all. The Outrageous Bus is the world's first traveling hostel and documentary, combined into one unforgettable trip."

It happened to be in Barcelona and was trying to recruit people at the hostel that I was staying at. I recall that they actually got a few people to sign up. Sadly, I went on the site today and they updated how the bus broke down in Barcelona, so they had to stay for at least 4 more days. I thought it was a pretty interesting idea and would make for a crazy adventure. They plan to end the trip in Munich for


Anonymous said...

Ok, Las Ramblas is only the 2nd craziest and most popular street in all of Europe. The first one is Sumadijska, in Cupria, Serbia. Yep, it's true!

Anyway... Yes, that bus is pretty crazy lookin' and soundin'. I actually suggest you stay away from it. It's all good while you wake up in Rome. But what happens when one day you wake in Kabul?! Yep, stay away.

Chris Rako said...

Ahaha..Cupria, Serbia heh?! I'm so there!

UnKnown said...

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